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"My Corolla"
If you were a fan of "The Dan Patrick Show" on ESPN radio, you might remember Dan singing My Corolla, a parody of My Sharona.  Inspired by the frequent grief given to Dan about his car by his Porsche-driving sidekick, ex-Cincinnati Reds closer Rob Dibble, it was written by ParodyAnimal and played repeatedly on the show.  (On one show, Dan asked guest Bruce Hornsby to assess his singing ability.  Mr. Hornsby politely declined comment.)  One day an upset listener phoned Dan to tell him that a car dealer in the south had stolen his idea and was doing a version of My Corolla for his radio commercials. We didn't pursue legal channels; after all, if The Knack didn't sue us, we felt we could hardly sue the car dealer.  Plus, we admire his good taste!
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